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don't ever deal with this company and the guy call chris knipp here is his contact no 14438510769 i keep short and simple he is a big time mother *** and arsehole and pain on *** be aware with this *** dont ever try to be nice and gentle with him *** him so hard that he could remember the pain till his death, dont ever try to trust on this guy he is big time trust breaker he is a big time cheater who cheated my $500 and in return i got nothing only empty hand thats it nothing else, i will *** your *** so hard chris.

Review about: Customer Service.



THIS IS A FALSE REVIEW!Obviously, this is a hacked review.

No mention of the real owner or services at all. Person stated in this review is not connected to this company. BLVD Recording Company is a wonderful studio. I have done many albums there.

I look forward to going back again!

As a delighted customer, please pay no attention to this review.IT'S FALSE!


This review bogus!This person has no affiliation with this company.

This is a reputable company that has never cheated anyone out of any money. Judging by the grammatical errors this is a foreign bot that hacked the company. Second of all, the name "blvdrecco" is not the name of the company.

There is no mention of the real owner or services provided.DISREGARD THIS REVIEW!

Sarasota, Florida, United States #843808

He has no affiliation with this company nor has he ever cheated anyone out of anything.

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